Dance Studio Credo
«Paris, Jet’aime»
From the 1-st of November till the 12-th 2012, the Credo students, as well as their parents made ​​a wonderful trip to Paris.

The purpose of this trip was to participate in the international festival-competition «Paris, Jet’aime» with
"Salut Talantov".

As a result of this competition one of our student took first place in the category "modern choreography".


Viktoria Ilyin - 1st place, solo (participants 14-18 years old) 

Anna Charalambous - 2nd place,  solo (participants 9-11 years old)

Christina Mattheou - 2nd place, solo (participants 14-18 years old)

Alexandra Zubova - 2nd place, solo (participants 14-18 years old)

Anna Charalambous, Anastasia Korneychuk - 2nd place, small group - duo (participants 9-11 years old)

Vladimir Pozdnyakov, Kamilla Sharova ,  Alissa Kosheleva, Elizaveta Kuzmina, Sofia Zharnikova - 2nd place
groups (participants 7-10 years old) 

On behalf of myself and all school teachers congratulate the students with the well-deserved victory, and we wish only go

forward to new victories!
Yours Sincerely,
Svetlana Matthaiou